Random Cool Stuff

Just to show how small the internet world is, I searched Google for “cool stuff” with settings for photos licensed for re-use, and this photo of my friend Roland showed up!

Many of these are sites I tag in pinboard https://pinboard.in/u:cogdog/t:cooltech/

MapStory (Create understanding of the world through time and space) http://mapstory.org/

Cloud Convert (converts almost any file to another type) https://cloudconvert.com/

Jam With Chrome (play vistual instruments online with friends) http://www.jamwithchrome.com/

Quijotipsum (“es un generador de texto basado en El Quijote”) http://www.quijotipsum.com/

Hatnote Listen to Wikipedia (audio and visual representation of real-time Wikipedia edits) http://listen.hatnote.com/

Pixlr (web based image editor) https://pixlr.com/

BuiltWith (tells you what web sites are built with) http://builtwith.com/

This is Now (streams near real time instagram photos from specific places in the world) http://now.jit.su/

emoji.ink (make drawings using emojis as brushes) http://emoji.ink/

ccSub (download subtitled transcripts from YouTube videos) http://ccsubs.com/convert

Appear.in (peer to peer video meetings via a web browser) https://appear.in/

jQuery Super Simple Text Rotator http://www.thepetedesign.com/demos/jquery_super_simple_text_rotator_demo.html

Youdubber (combine video of one video with audio of another) http://www.youdubber.com/

TextMechanic http://textmechanic.com/ (¡sıɥʇ ǝʞıן sƃuıɥʇ op)

Clipping Magic (removes background from images) https://clippingmagic.com/

Voyant Text Tools (text analysis) http://voyant-tools.org/

Park or Bird (image analysis that identifies info about your photo) http://parkorbird.flickr.com/

Visited Countries (create a map of places you have been) http://douweosinga.com/projects/visited

Multicolor Image Search (find flickr creative commons licensed images that match uo to five entered colors) http://labs.tineye.com/multicolr/

Audience Contributed Additions (Cooler than mine)

Blank Slate (distraction free writing) https://blankslate.io/

JDark Room (simple full screen editor, download) http://www.codealchemists.com/jdarkroom/

jsFiddle (run, test Javascript/CSS code, share) https://jsfiddle.net/

Codeshare (shared programming in real time) https://codeshare.io/

Cloud 9 IDE (develop run apps in the cloud) https://c9.io/

Surge (free static HTML CDN publishing) http://surge.sh

Hackertyper (a screen that makes anyone look like they are hacking) http://hackertyper.net/