Random Cool Stuff

Just to show how small the internet world is, I searched Google for “cool stuff” with settings for photos licensed for re-use, and this photo of my friend Roland showed up! Many of these are sites I tag in pinboard https://pinboard.in/u:cogdog/t:cooltech/ MapStory (Create understanding of the world through time and space) http://mapstory.org/ Cloud Convert (converts […]

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The Mighty Animated GIF

Must I Explain It? No Matter How You Pronounce It Possible Uses? “Short Form Video” Examples from UDG Agora Projecthttp://udg.theagoraonline.net/short-form-video-examples/ Making GIFs The Easy Way Giphy GIF Maker (from YouTube Videos) / Giphy Slide Show Maker (from Images) Imgur Video to GIF Hand Crafting GIFs The (Not So Easy Way) Unnecessary frame removal – from […]

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Como? http://www.memegen.com/meme/j0kcyr Educational? Making Memes Web Tools and Apps Meme Generatorhttp://memegenerator.net/ Meme Generator – Imgflip https://imgflip.com/memegenerator Meme Generator – Imgur http://imgur.com/memegen … and like 2,000,000 more pages in Google Do It Yourself in Graphics Software (hint Impact font)

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More Do, Less Talk, Make Stuff

Pechaflickr = Improv with Random Photos http://pechaflickr.net/ More Stuff Made Five Card Flickr Stories Flickr CC Attribution Helper Words With No English Translations SPLOT More Stuff on Github Image Credit: Screen capture from “How To Make Spooky Smiles Cookies | Halloween | Six Sisters Stuff” found on YouTube

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The Dullest Blog in the World http://www.dullestblog.com/ Narrating Our Work flickr photo shared by cogdogblog under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license Since then I’ve spoken a few times about the idea that by narrating our work, we can perhaps restore some of what was lost when factories and then offices made work opaque […]

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