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a presentation at the Justice Institute of British Columbia 
November 30, 2015


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While the origin of WordPress was of a platform for the narrative journaling type of online publishing people associate with the word “blog”, as of 2015 the platform now powers more than 25% of all websites. As an extensible web-optimized platform that offers developers the ability to “hook” into and customize at every level, in ways it reminds me of my first edtech programming experiences with HyperCard.

With that platform, people with no technical experiences could author multimedia content through a visual interface, yet with skills of scripting, I learned to use it as a tool to create tools for others to use.

I’ll share my own WordPress as Hypercard-like experiences in creating course aggregation hubs in WordPress first through ds106, developing simple open SPLOT tools, and extending these even more with the JIBC UDG Agora project.

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