Not an “Online” Course

It Looks Like a Course Room for the Unexpected Concept Spine Student Blogging Studio Visits Virtual Bus Tours Daily Digital Alchemy

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Not Those Crazy SPLOTs You’re Looking at One Now (coming soon to TRU Writer Daily Blank TRU Collector SPLOTpoint

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Not About Being Certified

Core Certification (hey that looks like content!) The real content (“GitHub”… run shrieking into the night!) A Quest Project Blog / Info Certificates: “Core” Certificate Librarian Certificate Educator Certificate Government Certificate Quest Bank

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Which is not to be confused with…

… the 1970s Each episode of the series, broadcast on Sunday mornings, focused on a particular theme. One episode, for instance, was about snakes, and another was about motorcycles. Chapin would introduce the topic in much the same manner: “I think a snake is what I’ll be. Imagine all the possibilities.” After that there would […]

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