a curious wondering

a presentation at Thompson Rivers University 
March 29, 2017


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  1. Not That Kind of Not Content
  2. Which is not to be confused with…
  3. Not My Types
  4. Not About Being Certified
  5. Not Those Crazy SPLOTs
  6. Not an “Online” Course

Alan has been a creative and dynamic contributor to countless open online education projects worldwide for many years. As he regularly demonstrates on his blog http://cogdogblog.com/, he consistently puts out work that embodies the principles of sharing, openness, creativity and engagement. A brief overview of his background is at: http://cogdog.info

In addition to working with us on some projects over the next few days, Alan will be giving a talk sharing some of his recent work. He’s been co-teaching a course on the Elements of Networked Narratives http://netnarr.arganee.world/. He’s also been working extensively with Creative Commons on a Certification project to support advocacy by champions of openness https://certificates.creativecommons.org/. This work opens up all sorts of fascinating questions on how to offer recognition for non-traditional learning, and the future of open learning processes more generally. (He’s also done some very nifty and innovative technological work to move things along, which he will be showing.) He also plans unveil his latest SPLOT tool! http://splot.ca/

Live Video Stream Archive (thanks TRU LTI Media Team!)