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You’re Soaking in It

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Like MOOCs, It Came From Canada

2014 Open Learning Fellowship at Thompson Rivers University

Behold The Imperialist Pig

Behold The Imperialist Pig flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Early on we identified two core challenges in getting people to get onto the open web. The perceived difficulty (and lack of support) of open web environments, and privacy concerns.

That First WordPress Encounter…

What do I do here?

Inspired by Tom Woodward

VCU Field Botany site- students post directly by email
Gravity form front end for posting to site

Start With a Domain

Featured Image: It Came From Canada by David Kernohan

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The Comparator (SPLOT 0.1 alpha)

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TRU Writer

Try It

Cut and Paste From Elsewhere

Selected Examples

See Also…

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TRU Collector

Try It

New feature to customize the submission form
Using WP-Tiles for alternative display

Selected Examples

See Also…

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SPLOTbox Media Jukebox

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Try It

(remember you are looking at one now!

Selected Examples

See Also…

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Domain Calling Card Themes

Establish a front gate for a domain

Composite image made using Pixabay gate image by kabaldesch0 shared into Public Domain using Pixabay license and Walker’s view-spring meadow, stone, clouds, horizon-West Field.jpg Wikimedia Commons photo by Alethe shared under a Creative Commons BY-SA license

Start With cPanel Site Publisher

And most people will find these very limiting, consider it a placeholder…

WordPress Calling Card Themes

Based in HTML5 Up Templates…







Featured Image: Charles Bontems (1890) calling card public domain image in Wikimedia Commons “A label of the defunct company Bontems.”

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Dilemma: Bake Sites From Scratch or Just Add Water?

From Scratch

Download From GitHub, manual unstall on a new WordPress site

Installatron on Domain of One’s Own / StateU

Options when Installing WordPress

Available on

Demos for State U Installatron

Packaged Kit / Instant SPLOT

Using the All-in-One WP Migration plugin

Coventry University WordPress Templates

Featured Image: “Nissin Bowl Soup Instant Noodles, Kimchi Flavour” flickr photo by elsie.hui shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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Do SPLOTs Require WordPress?

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