Fifteen Minutes to go…

This is the reference site for my 2021 PressEd Conference twitter based talk about… the productive things you can do in WordPress just by knowing and manipulating it’s URL structure. Not even a mention of code is here.

Clue! It was Professor WordPress in the Address Bar with a URL
Get clued into the ins and outs of how your WordPress site generates its web addresses (htaccess! permalinks! slugs!) as well as some tricks for manipulating URLs for searching, randomizing, and date scanning sites.

All the tweets will be added post-presentation and is also available as a Twitter Moment.

This [WordPress] site offers more than what will fit into 280 characters. Plus it’s a chance to show off my WP-Highlights theme. Sneaky, eh?

Imagery based upon my own photos and editing thereof of the Clue 50th Anniversary edition board game. Professor image CC0 from Open Peeps with added WordPress logo.


Peek Behind the Curtain

What you see and click for a WordPress link is not what the software sees…


Reading WordPress URLs

Let’s look at a few examples of what we see versus what WordPress sees.


It’s All About the Permalinks

Most people never touch these settings. Too bad. You are missing out.


The Voodoo of .htaccess

A text file that sits in your WordPress root directory should not be messed with! It does the magic to convert human readable URLs to WordPress ones.


Are You Ready?

Enough mumbo jumbo, show us the URL tricks!


Give us a Random Post

Add some unexpected element to your WordPress site, a link that can retried a randomly selected post.


Stitch Together A WordPress Search

Make a link to search your blog, heck someone elses, for anything. Right from the URL bar.


Reach Back to Specific Times

Do you know how many blog posts you wrote in 2019? August of 2019? August 5 of 2019? I do!


Two Great Taxonomies That Link Great Together

Why not use tags within categories to zero in on your posts? A URL trick makes this easy.


RSS is For Grandpa (but he is well informed)

RSS feeds from WordPress can do more than show latest posts. Check out what Grandpa knows.