2019 PressEd Conference

PressEd April 18th on Twitter pressedconf.org

A WordPress and Education, Pedagogy and Research Conference on Twitter

An homage to the legacy of pets on TV that David Letterman brought us in the 1980s and beyond…

There are plenty “Top 50” WordPress tricks listicles, this is not one. Maybe. From my own banging on WordPress since 2005 comes a collection of frequently used techniques, plugins, and sleight of hand put into play for educational sites. No code is touched in this production.

This site includes more details and examples than could possibly fit into a tweet. If they are your thing, all the tweets in this presentation are packaged up neatly as a Twitter Moment.

  1. Give Me Random or Give Me…
  2. No Sleight of Hand Just Some Redirection
  3. Hidden Wealth in the Rich Text Editor
  4. Dynamic, Automatic Indices of Pages
  5. Little Big Trick: Bulk Editing
  6. Care for Permalinks
  7. Put That Widget into a Post or Page
  8. Remake the Blog Post Layout With a Fancy Tiled Look
  9. Randomize Those Header Images
  10. Full Control of Tweeted (and Facebooked I Guess) Links aka OpenGraph

See also Tom Woodward’s #PressEdConf19 presentation for some WordPress CSS trickery.

Image credits: Modification of one still shot of an episode of David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks, found at A Letter to My Dog’s post Rouger and Rogue On David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks with WordPress logo placed on one dog and Felix’s head on another.