Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Table

Counting Dishes? The Full Meals A Taste of “Concepts of Biology: 2nd Canadian Edition” A Taste of Psychology (updated from OpenStax version) Compare the OpenStax Psychology 2e chapter on Stages of Sleep with the H5P enhanced version (public version available March 2021) Image Credit: Photo by Stefan Vladimirov on Unsplash

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Scrolling for Online Recipes

Vital Sign Measurement Across the Life Span Compare chapter 6, Case Study 3 from 1st edition with the practice provided by H5P in the 2nd edition. All H5P Activities Chapters with H5P (in context) Image Credit: Online recipe screenshot from The Girl + The Bull flickr photo by OURAWESOMEPLANET: PHILS #1 FOOD AND TRAVEL BLOG […]

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Project Plan

BCcampus 2020 H5P OER Development Grant (Spring 2020) A Kitchen is Launched Components The Kitchen Space http://kitchen.opened.ca Mattermost Community/Collaboration Space Monthly Webinars (aka The Cooking Show) The Kitchen Space Published Resources, Guides (not lists of links!) Mattermost Community The Cooking Show (aka Webinars) Image Credit: Foster Kitchen Design-Floor Plan flickr photo by therichardlife shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license modified […]

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Almost a Staple in the Open Education Pantry… Back to that How to Boil Water Recipe… Pressbooks & WordPress .org & .com & institutionally hosted Image Credit: Pressbooks logo superimposed on Wikimedia Commons photo licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY.

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Self-Contained Media

Think of a File Type You Use in different systems… Featured Image: Screenshot of Noun Project search in Icons collection on “file format image video audio” with edits to shuffle the icons around. All icons are licensed Creative Commmons CC-BY

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Elements of H5P

You are / have been looking at it! Narrowing the Suggested Kitchen Tools Learn More H5P.org Documentation Getting Started in H5P (H5P/Pressbooks Kitchen) Finding H5Ps to Sample H5P Studio (eCampusOntario) https://h5pstudio.ecampusontario.ca/ Pressbooks Directory https://pressbooks.directory/ Alan’s URL Trick Image Credit: Unsplash image of menu by Tania Miron modified by Clint Lalonde- cropped and text edited, with […]

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