A Talk for ECS100


University of Regina
March 12, 2019

What are implications of, and what do we mean by, using “digital” as an adjective for learning, creativity, storytelling, citizenship? What do we worry about and hope for with technology in 2019? I aim to provide likely more questions than answers drawing from my own experiences in the field since 1992, and suggest that the way forward hinges on our ability to network, share, and support.

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  1. Not Included in this Presentation…
  2. Technology: Start With a Do
  3. Fail/Quit vs Fail/Recover
  4. On Tools
  5. Digital + Hype
  6. Digital + Storytelling
  7. Digital + Citizenship
  8. Citizenship, Itself
  9. Digital + Tension
  10. Peeling the Onion on Digital Citizenship: Etiquette
  11. Peeling the Onion on Digital Citizenship: Access
  12. Peeling the Onion on Digital Citizenship: Law
  13. Peeling the Onion on Digital Citizenship: Literacy
  14. Digital + Connected
  15. Digital + Thank You

Image credits: Modified by overlaying the text “Modifier” on Wikimedia Commons image Clatronic KHF 461 – sender, JRC 2035D on printed circuit board-2323  © Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 4.0 (via Wikimedia Commons) and as such, this derivative is shared under the same license.